I'll make this crystal clear.  We are facing a massive $150 Billion dollar total state debt, and well over 300 structurally deficient bridges.  The first year in office, I'll be starting with roughly a $2 Billion deficit, and rising payments on our debt owed. 

Being unaffiliated, and retired military, I bring a unique perspective to the table.  I'm not part of a political party, and I will work for honest compromise.  I believe my goals below for tax reductions, in combination with my plan (see link below), are achievable in working together with our elected representatives.   The Governor can propose changes known as a "Governors Proposed Bill", it goes through to the same legislative process as all bills, for example I will propose legalizing cannabis, expanding fireworks, and more.  The Governor is responsible for proposing a budget, that proposed budget also goes through the legislative process, and parties usually use it as a starting point and propose their own budgets.  It then gets voted on by our elected officials. If it passes, it then goes to the Governor where he/she can veto the whole thing, do a line item veto, sign or refuse to sign. 

* First year in office: Propose a "Half Tax Work Week" before the holidays.  

* Second year in office: Propose an "Overtime" tax reduction. 

* Third year in office: Propose a sales tax reduction to 6 %.

* Third year in office: Propose an income tax reduction to a flat 5%. 

Reducing taxes, in combination with reductions in state lavish and thriftless spending (note: I've found over $150 Million dollars wasted last fiscal year), is proven to be effective.  We deserve to enjoy life in our state, but it is going to take time to move us forward.   

Help move Connecticut ahead.  Your support is so important.  Learn more about Micah's plan at