I'll make this crystal clear.  We are facing a $100 Billion dollar debt.  The first year in office, I'll be starting with roughly a $5-6 Billion dollar deficit.

I believe my goals for tax reductions, in combination with my plan (see link below), are achievable.  

* First year in office: Establish a "Half Tax Work Week" before the holidays.  

* Second year in office: "Overtime" tax reduction. 

* Third year in office: Reduce sales tax to 6 %.

* Third year in office: Change the income tax to a flat 5%. 

Reducing taxes, in combination with reductions in state lavish and thriftless spending (note: I've found over $100 Million dollars wasted last fiscal year), is proven to be effective.  We deserve to enjoy life in our state.   

Help move Connecticut ahead.  Your support is so important.  Learn more about Micah's plan at