CT Residency Immigration Program (CRIP)

No other gubernatorial candidate has developed a specific plan to address the issues surrounding the large number of undocumented immigrants in Connecticut; the following will be included in my proposal.  The Connecticut Residency Immigration Program (CRIP) would:

1. Provide an opportunity for hard-working, law abiding undocumented immigrants, as well as their children, to further contribute to our state.

2. Have strict guidelines for participation, and adhere to federal requirements for "persons of good moral character."  We will not tolerate putting the public at risk.

3. Be self funded through program fees, private donations, and volunteer support.

4. Possibly lead to U.S. citizenship if our federal elected officials can follow suit.

This plan will be proposed as a Governors Proposed Bill, and go through the legislative process with public hearings.

Full details of Micah's C.R.I.P. will be coming out soon.

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Guns and Crime

Before I get to my proposal I want to inform everyone I listened to the far Right, the far Left, and everyone in-between on trying to find this reasonable compromise. 

Hartford homicides (at the time of this post) is at 19 compared to 11 in last year. 

Last year’s total of non-fatal shooting victims was 120!  Which was the highest it’s been at least since 2012.

Hartford on March 26th 2017 for the number of shots fired was— 197 compared to 116 at the same time in 2016 and 75 in 2015.  It's the most in well over a decade.  That does not include smaller caliber gunshots which often go undetected by the shot spotter system and or go unreported by citizens complaints.

*Currently the Connecticut Uniform Crime Report (UCR) does not track convicted felons with guns. We are going to start collecting data on this. 

*On a draft report on the CT State response time on roughly 50% of the 911 priority calls were over 10 minutes.

*I am a law abiding citizen and legally licensed to carry in both CT and PA.

*I am for background checks.

*I will not add any further restrictions on other law abiding gun owners.

*I am for changing the current magazine restriction to "standard" issue from the manufacturer. 

*Increase funding for Mental Health.

*I am for changing "off" duty certified police officers to be allowed to carry concealed in public schools.  As per current state statute off duty officers can make felony arrests.

*National Guardsmen with written permission from their Commanding Officer and a valid state pistol permit will be allowed to carry to and from their place of duty.

*I'm for creating a task force between federal, state, local law enforcement, and the CT national guard to track and ensure convicted felons no longer get guns.

*I'm for full enforcement of convicted felons with a firearm.  Currently these harden criminals are being released early, even after multiple offenses!

*Reciprocity agreements with states of similar training, background checks, and laws similar to Connecticut for permit to carry.

*For example In Virginia you do NOT have to demonstrate safe handling of a firearm or perform a "live fire". That state will not   have reciprocity.

*I would also like that task force task to bridge the gap with other states.

*We need more funding to get Heroin off the streets.

*If both the state house, and the state senate passed legislation to repeal SB1160 I would sign it.

*Lastly I'm a for continuing the Reserve State Police force, to assist in this gun crime epidemic.

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The CT State Police and DOD do not endorse candidates

Budget deficit and debt

What’s the difference?  What does it have to do with the state budget?  Deficit is a measure of a single year’s budget shortfall, it's a difference between what our state government takes in and what it spends. In recent years, the deficit has been increasing, thanks to bad leadership, people and companies leaving, and increasing government spending.  Our upcoming deficit will hit a mind-boggling $6 Billion for the next two fiscal years. 

Part of the annual budget goes to paying debt.  Debt=all money owed, which is an astonishing $100 Billion.  Our tax dollars paid over $2.2 Billion towards debt last fiscal year alone!  Learn more on how I will fix both at http://www.micah4ct.com/platform

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Jobs come from new and current businesses, not just small ones. Connecticut is not respecting business, and is harming them.  We need to adapt to numerous rapidly changing social and economic factors. Create a state for more opportunities in technology, energy, agriculture, advanced manufacturing, and tourism.  Learn more at http://www.micah4ct.com/platform 

Increasing State Revenue.

Revenue will be increased by safely legalizing the following:  Marijuana (21 and older), industrialized hemp, fireworks and more.  We will expand Connecticut’s rural growth, and technology.  We will create a new "Destination Connecticut Development" and make Connecticut the top place to visit.  State property sales and a new "State Closure and Realignment" Commission (SCRC.) will also be enacted.    Learn more at http://www.micah4ct.com/platform


Marijuana will be legalized for those 21 years and older. States like Colorado have seen more than $1 billion in sales.  Driving under the influence (DUI), or Working under the influence (WUI); abuse will not be tolerated.   Help move Connecticut ahead with Cannabis.  Your support is so important.  https://ctcan.nationbuilder.com/donate


I'll make this crystal clear.  We are facing a $100 Billion dollar debt.  The first year in office, I'll be starting with roughly a $5-6 Billion dollar deficit.

I believe my goals for tax reductions, in combination with my plan (see link below), are achievable.  

* First year in office: Establish a "Half Tax Work Week" before the holidays.  

* Second year in office: "Overtime" tax reduction. 

* Third year in office: Reduce sales tax to 6 %.

* Third year in office: Change the income tax to a flat 5%. 

Reducing taxes, in combination with reductions in state lavish and thriftless spending (note: I've found over $100 Million dollars wasted last fiscal year), is proven to be effective.  We deserve to enjoy life in our state.   

Help move Connecticut ahead.  Your support is so important.  https://ctcan.nationbuilder.com/donate  Learn more about Micah's plan at http://www.micah4ct.com/platform 

The Governor's Budget

The Governor’s proposed Budget will not exceed expected state income. The proposed budget will also be shifted and made public in November. This allows the State Legislature to shift their fiscal analysis as well. In return, municipal leaders should have a better grasp of the state’s fiscal condition and be better able. Fiscally mismanaged cities will fall under better bipartisan state oversight.  Learn more at http://www.micah4ct.com/platform

I will listen to you.

I have heard over and over again how the people’s voices in Connecticut fall on deaf ears. Therefore, I will create the petition initiative modeling Former President Obama’s online petition initiative. This will ensure that your voices will be heard - and answered.  Learn more at http://www.micah4ct.com/platform

My promise

As a retired member of our military I learned that great leaders set the example.  Once I am elected governor, I promise to first cut my salary in half.  Secondly I will work with the Connecticut General Assembly to enact the "Recall Vote".  In other words, I will earn your trust and respect. The people should not be burdened with a governor for four painstaking years. Under my administration, the people will have the ability to recall a sitting governor.  

It's time that we put a leader in office that truly cares about Connecticut, and will set the example for others to follow.  Please support him now by donating here.

To learn more about Micah's plan please go to http://www.micah4ct.com/platform