Micah's flyer, and a list of how Micah is using your generous donations is below.

You can download and print Micah's flyer to help spread the word!

Download flyer here.

Campaign Spending.  Please note previous exact spending data from May to September 2017  has not been fully collected  due to the untimely passing of my Campaign Treasurer at the time.  I appreciate your understanding.

Website monthly fee $80.00 May 2017- current

Bus Ad $2,800.00

250 Micah4CT Coasters $316.17 (through a Connecticut Company)

Logo creation $63.80 (through a Connecticut Company)

500 Campaign flyers $144.18 (through a Connecticut Company)

8 x 3 Campaign banner $74.87 (through a Connecticut Company)

2,500 Campaign Flyers $566.64 (through a Connecticut Company)

Social Media advertising $501.06  2 Nov - 1 Dec 2017

Social Media advertising $477.87 1 Sep- 31 Oct 2017  

Social Media advertising $456.74 1 July -30 Aug 2017 

Gas reimbursement Governor debate at Yale $20.00

Gas reimbursement Conference of municipalities $20.00

Gas reimbursement Governor debate at the Gunnery  $34.99

Gas reimbursement Campaign traveling $500.00

Campaign laptop $495.00 April 2017

Campaign management advice July 2017 $78.50

Campaign Manager January 2017 -June 2017 $2,000.00

Campaign website technical support $441.90 (through a Connecticut Company)

Campaign website technical support $87.11 (through a Connecticut Company) October 2017

Platform (Connecticut's Model For Success) Professional editing $100.00 (through a Connecticut Company)

If you have any questions or comments please email me at

Thank you,