Lt. Governor Running Mate Announcement

6 February 2018

Joint Press Release:

Micah Welintukonis, unaffiliated candidate for governor, announced Saturday at a campaign event that Chiara Mannheimer, a resident of Torrington, will be his running mate in the 2018 gubernatorial race. 

Chiara offers diversity and a skill set lacking in most politicians. She feels that being able to relate to all the residents of Connecticut, and not just the select few that the major political parties cater to, is an essential need in order for our state to grow and thrive.

Chiara stated she wants Connecticut to regain its title as one of the best places to live, learn, and build business. She says she respects Micah for his boots on the ground approach to addressing the issues facing the state, and his willingness to be the initiator of change, rather than sitting back expecting change to happen.

Micah said, “This is an important moment for the people of Connecticut to have a real voice in change. Voters are taking notice of and appreciating our grass roots efforts. Our motto ‘ConnectiCan’ means that we can forge ahead, we can bring about necessary change, and we can truly represent all the people.”

With people like Micah and Chiara willing to make the changes this state needs, we are on to the start of something great for Connecticut.

To learn more about Chiara click here.

Chiara and Micah