DMV Actions & Orders

CT Governors have limited powers, and cannot simply just "repeal" a law or abolish a tax.  My Lieutenant Governor and I will make unannounced "Undercover Boss" type of visits to all state agencies STARTING WITH THE DMV.  Customer service and streamlining this agency is a top priority.  The days of waiting all day, and be treated like crap are over! 

Through executive order I will do the following:

On my first day in office I will declare a transportation emergency and reduce night hours of CT Fast Track operations.  

Establish a Return On Investment (Net Benefits/total cost) and Cost Benefit Analysis ensuring the state is examining options, spending more like a business, ensuring tax payers are getting the most bang for their buck.

I will issue an executive order imposing an investigation of efficiency of work, and duplication of work in ALL state agencies. 

Sec 31 Sec 3-6 under the investigatory authority of Governor I will formulate plans for better coordination. 

The 200 appointees of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy will see an immediate 15% reduction in pay.

I plan to propose a balanced budget. Our current budget puts us in another huge deficit.  If the balance is not budgeted by the time I take office, under the powers and authority given to me, I will impose an immediate 2% reduction in all areas.
If the 2% budget reduction is ineffective, I will call for a Special Legislative Session.  In addition to the Special Session I will reduce overall appropriations by 4% with the Finance Advisory Committee.

I will issue an executive order directing Commissioners to review and reduce justification of overtime. 

I will issue an executive order imposing an investigation of efficiency of work, and duplication of work in ALL state agencies. 

Under the investigatory authority of a Governor (Sec 31 Sec 3-6)  I will formulate plans for better coordination. 

Implement a State closure and realignment commission for state owned and leased properties saving tens of millions.

Implement a Jury Duty technology and reform.

“Home garaged” state employee vehicle use will see a 50% reduction.  State law enforcement will not be part of those cuts.

I will reduce the total number of employees in "Exempt Group" by 1/3rd.

I will establish a “city deficit” earned state investment or “bailout” committee to review major cities in debt and receiving state aid.  Tax payers need assurance that their hard-earned dollars are not supporting municipal waste.  Committee members will be comprised of legislative leaders from both parties, CROG, and Cost. 

I will place a cap on bonding at $1 billion per fiscal year.  I will include an Emergency exemption clause with a unanimous vote from bond commission members.  In the last 3 fiscal years Governor Malloy borrowed over $9.5 BILLION!

Under the Governors' Powers and Authority I will also do the following:

Direct DSS Commissioner to review and separate EBT card usage by type.

Direct DSS Commissioner to change policy of 2 warning letters to 1 warning letter in a case of EBT card fraud. 

Direct a review of all job assignments.

All agencies will be directed to curb end of fiscal year “use it or lose it” spending.  

Establish a state fraud “whistleblower” tips reward program.

Change the DC Premises Office Rental to "shared space" with other Governors.

Reduction of overtime of Governors security detail, augmented by CT National Guard.

Increase Connecticut's state fraud unit staff.  We need to start enforcing laws, fines, and penalties.

Establish a monthly post audit for unauthorized locations on EBT use.

Reduce state budget support for UConn and establish a committee to oversee spending.

Removal of redundant or duplicate security within all state buildings.