Eversource and the storm

Eversource and the storm

 I wanted to provide  the citizens of our state with a brief “After Action Storm Review” by #Eversource.  As I “toured” some 100 plus miles of eastern CT the last two days, with chainsaw in hand.  I can attest to only seeing 5 utility trucks. Citizens are now calling them #Neversource. As one First Selectman put it, they did not adhere to the emergency response plans set in place.

If our tax dollars can provide Eversource with over $51 Million last fiscal year, and over $18 Million so far this year; then better customer service and storm preparation needs to be done. Given the lack of responsibility by them, and an investigation being conducted on alleged market abuse. I would ask that you, our currently elected state representatives weigh in on PURA and deny the request for a 6.79 percent rate hike.

I take pride in listening and caring for our state, and will be better at being proactive to approaching storms.   I am not dissatisfied in any way shape or form with the crews who are busting their butts to restore power to CT residents. This is obviously a state leaders and Eversource management issue.

Thank you for your time.

Micah Welintukonis