State Savings and Waste Found

As many of you well know we are facing an over $200 Million deficit. As an Unaffiliated candidate for governor, I wanted to take the time to offer some possible solutions. I whole heartedly urge you to review the following expenditures I have identified in our state.
In the last Fiscal year, our tax dollars shelled out roughly $1.5 Billion in fringe benefits alone ( Managers’ and political appointees’ fringe benefits should be reviewed and reduced. Currently we have state employees collecting hazard duty towards their retirement, that does not warrant it. Please review personnel assigned to the Connecticut Department of Corrections Central Office, 24 Wolcott Hill Road, Wethersfield, CT. There are numerous people who do not step foot in a prison.
With the closing of numerous correctional facilities, what happened to the Deputy wardens, and other high management non-union employees? Millions has been spent in overtime pay this fiscal year; using per diem, part-time employees that receive no benefits can reduce costs.
On another note, CT Transit buses are often completely empty at night, yet still operating around our state. The Governor has the authority to declare a transportation emergency and hours can be changed.
In regard to UConn, they can grant a paid sabbatical leave for a period of one year (two academic semesters). Leave may be taken for the full period at half pay or for up to half the period at full pay. According to the UConn Board of Trustees Agenda and Attachment dated February 22, 2017, there were 40 sabbatical leaves listed. For example, Robert Astur, an Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, applied for sabbatical for the “Full Fall” 2017. The total for his 2017 salary was $95,659! Also, UConn’s President Susan Herbst’s annual salary is slated to be more than double that of the President of the United States, and more than five times that of Governor Malloy.
UConn is projecting the following fringe benefit increases for future budget years projections:
Description FY18 FY19* FY20* FY21* FY22*
Faculty 55.6 57.0 58.0 59.0 60.0
Professional 67.3 69.0 70.0 72.0 73.0
In addition, since July 1, 2017, the state has spent the following (
$22.82 million on Premises Rentals. In November 2017 I did an FOIA Request concerning furniture expenditures. I noticed on the state contracting portal (DAS Contract #15PSX0041) that numerous contractors had gone out of business. I was shocked to hear that there is no actual expenditure information in the systems with manufacturers and DAS Procurement Services.
$9.85 million in Motor Vehicle Rentals. According to the FOI I received, "home garaged" vehicles accounted for $9.85 million (Non-Law Enforcement); that also does not include fuel.

$1.15 million in Payments to Inmates/Clients
$1.11 million on Out-Of-State Travel
$346,224 in Storage Expenses
$170,947 in Catering Services
$117,784 for In-State Travel
$91,538 under “Transportation of Persons-Gen” expense category, was paid to RM Bradley, Commercial Brokerage and Property Management
$76,950 to Kramer Entertainment Agency
$35,770 to Connecticut Parson Team
$28,144 for Beeper/Pager Services (Who still has these?)
$25,000 to Harbor Yard Sports & Entertainment
$11,163 to Edgewood Party Rentals
$9,749 to Drapemasters of Hartford
$5,761.39 a month for the Governor’s 2nd office space in DC
(not including other fees)
$8,794 to Yellow Taxi
$8,741 to Pryme Tyme Entertainment
$3,000 to William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
$2,000 for “Design Studio,” please see “General Honoraria”Fund

Eliminating wasteful spending can only benefit our state. 

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Thank you,
Micah Welintukonis
Unaffiliated Candidate for Governor