CT Residency Immigration Program (CRIP)

No other gubernatorial candidate has developed a specific plan to address the issues surrounding the large number of undocumented immigrants in Connecticut; the following will be included in my proposal.  The Connecticut Residency Immigration Program (CRIP) would:

1. Provide an opportunity for hard-working, law abiding undocumented immigrants, as well as their children, to further contribute to our state.

2. Have strict guidelines for participation, and adhere to federal requirements for "persons of good moral character."  We will not tolerate putting the public at risk.

3. Be self funded through program fees, private donations, and volunteer support.

4. Possibly lead to U.S. citizenship if our federal elected officials can follow suit.

This plan will be proposed as a Governors Proposed Bill, and go through the legislative process with public hearings.

Full details of Micah's C.R.I.P. will be coming out soon.

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