10 Hate groups active in CT

10 Hate groups active in CT

As a candidate for governor, and a retired member of the military. I'm honestly that there are at least 5 bona fide hate groups in our state. 

There are also dozens of hate crimes reported each year to the Connecticut state police, required by current laws. Reports from 2003 to 2012 show a slight increase in hate crimes, with 166 reported in 2012.

While every person and or group is lucky enough to live in a country that defends their right to voice their hateful nonsensical opinions, we the people must be louder on condemning hate in ALL groups white, black or whatever.

I would propose legislation to remove their right to operate as a buisiness, non profit or whatever status they have gained.

Lastly if people and both parties really hate; hate groups. Then why not make their locations public?