About Micah

Micah Welintukonis, unaffiliated petitioning candidate for governor, is a Connecticut resident, retired Army veteran, and public servant.  A champion and game changer, Micah is a proven dedicated fighter for what is right. He served in Kosovo during his first stint of active duty in the 1990s. Later, as a member of the Connecticut National Guard, he deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom.  A few years after; returned to full time service.  He deployed to Afghanistan as both the senior manager, and senior medic with his area of responsibility being the size of New Jersey.  On 9 July 2012 during a coordinated and complex attack, he was shot in the left arm.  He continued on and while still under enemy fire, attempted to rescue injured Americans.  Micah was then severely injured by a direct hit from a suicide bomber. 

During his time in the military Micah rose through the ranks to Sergeant First Class, and obtained hundreds of hours of valuable education. Additionally he gained valuable first hand experience in fiscal responsibility, budgeting, and leadership.  He has received numerous evaluations with ratings of "AMONGST THE BEST" in positions he held. Micah has also accumulated an impressive array of military awards and medals, including the Purple Heart, Army Commendation with Valor, White House Coin, Combat Medic Badge, Expert Infantry Badge, Commanding Generals Certificate of Merit, and the Coast Guard and United States Marine Corps Certificates of Appreciation. At the time of his injury from the suicide bomb attack on July 9, 2012, he was the senior manager and senior medic, certified at the highest levels, and performed many life-saving missions with skill and care for the men and women with whom he served.

After the bombing and injury, despite the uncertainty doctors had concerning the stability of his condition,  Micah was flown from Landstuhl Hospital in Germany to Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. Under these extraordinary circumstances he was still suffering in agonizing pain from his life threatening abdominal and left arm injuries. His amazing wife Camilla was at his bedside comforting him, but it was clear that his condition was very serious. It was his incredible inner strength and ferocious will to live that carried him through that dark hour and a long and difficult recovery. With the support of his wife and family, today Micah is healthy and ready to continue his mission of public service by supporting the people of Connecticut.

It can be guaranteed that Micah will be a passionate advocate for the community and the hard working people of the State of Connecticut. Micah is active in veterans' service organizations, the American Red Cross, and serves as the Director of InTheLineOfDuty, a volunteer-run charity for First Responders. In addition to that community involvement, he has also served as the Coventry town council’s Vice-Chairman.  Where he served on both the finance and emergency planning committees.  He also served as the director of legislative affairs for a state veteran organization.   Micah also organizes and participates in fundraisers, walk-a-thons, school visits, and rallies, and addresses community issues and national veterans media events to generate funds and awareness of the challenges people face.  Micah has also gained national attention and was invited to the White House twice, in addition to attending President Obama’s State of The Union Address in 2013. Originally from Windsor, Micah currently resides with his wife Camilla and children in Coventry.