I'll make this crystal clear.  We are facing a $100 Billion dollar debt.  The first year in office, I'll be starting with roughly a $5 Billion dollar deficit.

I believe my goals for tax reductions, in combination with my plan (see link below), are achievable.  

* First year in office: Establish a "Half Tax Work Week" before the holidays.  

* Second year in office: "Overtime" tax reduction. 

* Third year in office: Reduce sales tax to 6 %.

* Third year in office: Change the income tax to a flat 5%. 

Reducing taxes, in combination with reductions in state lavish and thriftless spending (note: I've found over $100 Million dollars wasted last fiscal year), is proven to be effective.  We deserve to enjoy life in our state.   Learn more about Micah's plan at