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No-Shave November participation

For the month of November Micah Welintukonis will be participating in “No-Shave November” in an effort to “grow” awareness of key men’s health issues affecting veterans and first responders.

Nearly 50,000 cancer cases are reported in the Veterans Affairs Central Cancer Registry (VACCR) annually and 97% of those diagnosed were men.  Cancer is also an occupational illness affecting our first responders.  According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service, men are 70 percent less likely to seek treatment than women. 

“Many people know of a relative, friend or veteran, who has been struck with cancer.  November is dedicated to raising awareness about this.  My goal for No-Shave November is to draw attention to men’s health issues such as cancer prevention.  I want to remind men of just how significant early detection can be in saving their lives.”

“I would strongly encourage all men to schedule regular doctor visits, and talk to their providers,” Micah said. “The more we recognize our risks and discuss them with our doctors, the better we can live.”  I hope other candidates, and elected officials will join me, in raising awareness.

Please join me at and for more info about prevention and detection visit

Eversource and the storm

 I wanted to provide  the citizens of our state with a brief “After Action Storm Review” by #Eversource.  As I “toured” some 100 plus miles of eastern CT the last two days, with chainsaw in hand.  I can attest to only seeing 5 utility trucks. Citizens are now calling them #Neversource. As one First Selectman put it, they did not adhere to the emergency response plans set in place.

If our tax dollars can provide Eversource with over $51 Million last fiscal year, and over $18 Million so far this year; then better customer service and storm preparation needs to be done. Given the lack of responsibility by them, and an investigation being conducted on alleged market abuse. I would ask that you, our currently elected state representatives weigh in on PURA and deny the request for a 6.79 percent rate hike.

I take pride in listening and caring for our state, and will be better at being proactive to approaching storms.   I am not dissatisfied in any way shape or form with the crews who are busting their butts to restore power to CT residents. This is obviously a state leaders and Eversource management issue.

Thank you for your time.

Micah Welintukonis

Micah heading out to help Hurricane Irma

Hi everyone: Please be advised that from this date, I will be putting my campaign on hold for as long as I am needed to help assist our nation's first responders with Hurricane Irma. Where ever this storm hits will be catastrophic. Hurricane Harvey has exhausted our First Responders, they will need much more help.

I have prayed about this, and with my wife's blessing, I feel it's my duty to help. I can't sit idly by and watch the news. I cannot break away from following my heart. It has guided me through life in making a difference wherever I can.

On Saturday, I will depart on a journey to make basic necessity supply runs to local police, fire and those who will be effected by Irma.

No matter where you are, or who you are, we have to try to make a difference. The heart and the human spirit of Americans has to be bigger than politics, and nature.

I want to thank all my loyal followers for their continued support, and ask that if they choose to further my calling, they can visit the GoFund me page I created for this cause.

All proceeds will be going to help those in need. I will post detailed updates as to where any donations are spent, on my many social media platforms.

This is bigger than Connecticut, but can help. I challenge other elected officials and candidates to follow suit. #ConnecticutCares

Thank you and God Bless.

Micah Welintukonis

Campaign Manager Contact:
Jeff Lyons
Cell: 617-642-8565

August 7 National Purple Heart Day

August 7 is Purple Heart Day, this special day is to honor the lives and sacrifices of the men and women who have put their lives on the line for the U.S.  As a Purple Heart recipient I understand, and am fully aware of the challenges our Veterans face.  I am committed to fixing these issues.

This special award is the oldest military honor, starting in 1932. However, George Washington presented a similar award, called the Badge of Military Merit, on August 7, 1782.

It’s estimated that over 1.8 million Purple Hearts have been awarded since it was established. The award is presented to military service-members who are wounded or killed in action.

Change (Connecticut)


May 1st, 2017

COVENTRY — Today, Micah Welintukonis, Candidate for Governor made the
following statement on his decision to withdraw from Connecticut’s Citizen Election
Program. “I will not use taxpayers’ dollars to fund my campaign. I’m leaving it up to the
voters to decide who they would like to contribute to”.

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